Let Me Tell You

by Claire Booth

in the beginning was the word 
of its message no one had heard
etched into stone we neglected not 
to seek desert sands of which He taught
how to bend to the holiest of winds
where to carve most wretched sins
out of hearts searching in vain 
for another way out, riches, and fame
and of His anger did we rile
raising palms, golden and vile 
the sickly hue of the calf reflected
on eyes that knew of laws deflected
years, pages, stories unfold
lesson unlearnt, leaders are told
a covenant exists beyond hands that try
to run from the truth that all things shall die 
thousands of years would not suffice
nor bleating flesh ever pay the price
upon our souls, the debt’s been waved 
Christ Jesus, Our Lord, by which are saved

Claire Booth is a new believer in Christ looking to channel her love for poetry into worshipping the Lord. She currently lives in Washington state where she spends her free time reading the Word and listening to sermons.

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