Daily Prayer

by Claire Booth

who am I, Lord
for the sun to burn for me
brooding clouds rumble to serve
sweetened rain I gulp for free

who is Your daughter, Lord
to break Your fluffy loaves
to feast amongst Your children
who flock to worship You in droves 

to me, Your ears perk in the night 
when whispering I crave
to know your Spirit’s strength 
will endure unto the grave

of me, You not only watch but carved
a path for my salvation 
a pawn, I am, in Your greatest plan 
to further Your glorification 

when humility strikes my prideful heart
and in meekness I decree
who am I, Lord, in softened breath
for You to care for me?

when this forgetfulness creeps in
to cloud Your cross from view
Lord, God, I pray, that everyday 
I know my worth is sealed in You

Claire Booth is a new believer in Christ looking to channel her love for poetry into worshipping the Lord. She currently lives in Washington state where she spends her free time reading the Word and listening to sermons.

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