Desert Prayer

by Kaitlyn Bancroft

Oh Lord, my God
I do not know why I must tremble
Why I must, in delirious thirst,
Beat the ground til it’s wet with my blood

I do not know why
My hunger becomes madness becomes the ancient cry
Of a beast that knows only that it suffers

I do not know why I must wander
And I do not know if the Promised Land exists

But my God, my God
The excruciating beauty of this place —
How the stars weep tears of blood to see me writhe
How the wastes whisper, “My child, my child”
How the heat’s violent hands turn me molten and gold
Insisting on something unspeakable, something divine

How I’m learning the raw, primal worship of want

How my wilderness is Holy Ground
Because You walk in it

Kaitlyn Bancroft is a reporter with in Salt Lake City, Utah. Previously, she’s written for The Salt Lake Tribune, The Spectrum & Daily News (part of the USA TODAY NETWORK), The Denver Post, Deseret News, and The Davis Clipper. Former and forthcoming publication credits include Hole In The Head Review, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Ocotillo Review, The Dread Machine, Bez & Co., and Fleas on the Dog.

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