Protect my Child with Your Love

by Linda Troxell

Protect my child with your love, O God.
He’s in danger from the whispers of the world.
Let your voice sing out loud in his heart
Remind him your love is like a precious pearl.
My child needs protection now, my Lord.
He’s been seduced by what the world calls fun.
Don’t allow the world to win, turn his pleasure into pain,
Until the pleasure hurts so much, he wants to run.

My child, Lord, has been turned from your grace.
The enemy, it seems, has struck him blind.
Open up his eyes, remind him who you are,
His eternal Father and the savior of mankind.
I’m in fear for my child’s soul, O, Lord.
He’s surrounded by those who lie and sin.
Don’t allow them to prevail; save my child’s soul,
Put your people in his path and draw him in.
I know he can still be reached, my Lord.
For he’s longing for the safety you can bring.
Please swoop down and snatch him up.
Give him refuge in the shadow of your wings. 

I remember when he first gave his life to you.
All of us were filled with joy, of course.
With one word, You can bring him back.
Like Paul Lord, please knock him off his horse.
Lord, rekindle the flame of my Child’s love for you
Make him realize you’re what’s missing from his life.
Cause him to reflect upon this painful year
And realize without you, there’s been only strife.
Protect my child with your love, O God
Help his heart to once more comprehend
The eternal truth of your love and salvation
That will bring him back home to you again.

Linda Troxell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who lives in a small town in Southern California where she writes devotionals and poetry to post on her personal blog. For over twenty years, she worked to help men and women struggling with substance abuse and adolescent boys in group homes struggling with family difficulties. She is now retired and spends most of her time doing what she loves best, writing about the Lord, and spending time with her grandchildren.

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