Heavily Christian

by Jason Kirk Bartley

I am a follower of Jesus and
all of His commands,
I try and walk close to our Savior,
not letting go of His hand.
I try and walk in His likeness,
I walk a tight line.
I’m a living epistle,
living in just the right time,
I love Jesus and others
with a heart that is full,
with Jesus as my captain,
I fulfill the golden rule.
I know He lives in me,
my heart does He dwell.
I’m just passing through this world,
I’ll not make my bed in hell.
Jesus has been so good to me,
with His redeeming power.
He’s rescued this heart from the final hour.
I’m Heavily Christian,
in a world that just gets by,
I’m Heavily Christian,
faithful to my Lord by and by.
I know there’s nothing here for me,
so I reach for the sky,
I’m Heavily Christian,
I’ll lead others away,
from death and destruction every single day,
‘Till my.number is called,
then I must go,
My Lord, Jesus, awaits me,
my deeds does He know.
He’ll give me my reward in heaven
with a beautiful crown,
‘Cause I’m Heavily Christian in my small town,
from the least to the greatest,
how word gets around,
I’m Heavily Christian,
no more does sin abound.
I’m Heavily Christian,
not lost,
but I’m found.
His good works flow through me,
what a blessing indeed,
I’m Heavily Christian,
I’ll plant His holy seed.

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 47 years old and married to Nila, his forever love. He has a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University. 

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