Reassuring Sound

by Andrew Festa

The breeze spoke to me today,
sliding through the leaves,
whispering across the rooftops,
playing tag with my ears
as I strained to hear the voice.
I grew apprehensive,
unable to distinguish
what was being pronounced,
what was driving through the expanse,
what was right there for my mind to touch,
as if it was waiting to exhale
a million syllables into existence
at the slightest provocation.
At first, my thoughts couldn't grasp
the significance of what came across my notice,
the magnificence of what was before me,
the splendor of the grace that came to cradle me,
and quietly comfort me in my confusion.
But then I heard more clearly
what was being spoken in the winds
drifting deliberately through the rustle of leaves:
it was the Master's breath,
soothing my discomfort,
carrying my soul
in the special way of the potter,
telling me I was unique
on the wings of what Jesus had done.
I drifted off into a peaceful slumber
knowing I was in the hands of God,
and the wind moved on
to speak to the next person
who needed to hear a reassuring sound.

A graduate of Penn State University, The Behrend College in Erie PA, with a BA in English, Creative Writing, Andrew Festa has been writing nearly all his life, initially writing out of vanity and self-edification, but now (and for the many years since accepting The Lord as his savior) he is fully committed to writing in service to The Lord. His work has not been published previously, choosing instead to post in the various Christian Facebook pages in which he is a member, and also passing along to others who need to hear the messages. Andrew firmly believes that, “If you listen with faith, you can hear The Lord speak.” God gave us our talents; it is a joy to use our talents to serve Him who loves us beyond measure. If I speak to millions of people, and only reach one, I have done a great service in the mission of The Lord. Further, if I reach no one, still God knows the heart that made the offer, and does not count us failures.

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