Wagering Against Pascal?

by Jeral Williams

I think about God a lot.
What if He’s not?
To me, the choice is clear, if He’s not
I honestly suppose – no need to see past the end of my nose.
If just dust and no heaven;
why care about two thousand two hundred eighty-seven?  
Alone, I would seek to survive.
join others, only if helping me – to be.
All others would be pawns
for building shelter, growing food and its preparation,  
maintaining health, the defense of my nation,
oh, and mowing lawns. 
The survival solution… no evolution,
no wife, no kids for me. 	
I would stay free; people would be objects to me.
To survive a long time with the most pleasure, 
is the life I would treasure.
I think about God a lot.
What if He’s not?
To me, the choice is clear, He is.

Jeral Williams is a poet living in Mobile, Alabama. He is a retired professor whose Christian journey has been long and winding. He has published “Being a Proverbial Student,” a reflection on the need for Christian students to pursue knowledge, and “A Sunset Without Dawn,” a collection of poems about grief over the loss of a daughter. His weekly blog can be found at his website: proverbialstudent.com.

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