Let My Faith Be As Big As A Mustard Seed

by Dennis Williams

So I can send yonder the sickness and pain of this world to never rise again.

Just as big as a mustard seed, Lord.
Faith as a mustard seed,
to provide food for the hungry,
the elimination of stress,
the fulling of the places of worship and to hear all the worshipers praising the Lord.

To reduce the crime that robs a citizen of a fulfilled life,
drown out worry and fear.

Yes, Lord, help me have faith just big enough as a mustard seed.

To say to this Sycamine tree, pick up thy roots and plant thyself in the sea, to let the world have a stronger relationship with thee.

To ease the cry of the old and gray, and if they must cry, to never let their cry go in vain, to take away the pain, and let their works bring reward.

To eradicate poverty from our midst, to close the world’s hospitals, to set all the captives free, and restore their liberty.
Lord, you said with faith as big as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible, majesty is thy words.
To shelter the homeless and settle the landless, to let the farmer’s harvest satisfy their hearts. To let goodness never cease to be.

Yes Lord, help me build my faith and let it be, just large enough as a mustard seed.

Hear my cry Lord unto thee.

I cannot perform any of these tasks because my faith is too small, smaller than a mustard seed.
Lord, help me build my faith, build it as big as a mustard seed.

Dennis Williams is an emerging poet-writer from Sandy Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica. His writings have been published in Agape Review, the American Diversity Report (ADR), Alchemy Spoon issue #7, and the Health Line Zine #1.

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