by Alev Keating

I wonder about the in-my-placeness of You
The toll You knew to take
What thoughts would take place in a mind of perfection? 
That of fear or of satisfaction? 
Possibly of hope and knowledge? 
Knowledge my thoughts cannot fathom to take into account. 
Taken; was the life that belonged to You
Taken in my place
The only One to not deserve the pain, 
takes it all upon Himself. 
The weight of the world upon You, 
instead of me. 
Even the earth itself, taking the knowledge of the injustice
Splitting the soil and the stone
As we stood and watched
A favor to never be fully be repaid
An expression of gratitude never giving the amount that is due
I can never cease to wonder of the in-my-placeness of You

Alev Keating is a student and writer on the island of Cyprus where she also pursues her interests in photography and fashion.

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