A Song of Hope

by Isabel Beckham

Rejoice in Hope. 
For what do we have without her?

A life full of doubts and dread?
Empty promises and broken dreams?

At least, with her, we have 
valleys full of life and memories. 

Trees tower over blooming flowers, 
animals rest in the tree far from any care in the world. 

Rejoice in the fact that they can live peacefully 
Rejoice in the fact that they can live hopefully. 

We wait for the Lord, for He is our hope and our shield.
A shield stronger than Captain America’s vibranium.
Armor thicker than Iron Man’s suit of titanium.

Look up to the sky and believe that He will see.
See the struggles and hear the cries…
the cries of a broken community.

Oh, how great Thou art to hear our cries!
How peaceful it will be to be a lamb lying with the lion.

I desire to live like that: 
unworried about my appearance 
unworried about my next meal
unworried about my worries. 

Sweet, sweet grass! How do you do it?
Time and time again you are cut 
only to grow again. How do you 
continue to have hope of a brighter day?

O precious sky! So blue and calm!
How do you control your rage on the bad days?

I hope in a better future
I hope in a greater being. 
My God believes in me,
My God died for me. 
My God was raised to a new life for me.
I hope and rejoice in Him.

Isabel Beckham is in her 4th year in college and lives in Kentucky. In her free time she reads, writes, and crochets.

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