The Great Physician

by Jason Kirk Bartley

Jesus is the greatest doctor,
for He is never late,
always on time to decide my fate.
Greater than a natural doctor,
He’s created me and said, “I’m good.”
His love resurrected me from sin in which I stood.
Now I am healthy in the Lord,
His healing paid for by the cross.
Those who know Him will never be empty and never find themselves lost.
His infinite wisdom and care help me when I am sick and feel beyond repair.
I know He sits at my bedside,
I know He’s always there,
His Spirit beareth witness.
He’s with me everywhere.
His healing power gives me strength at my weakest hour.
He’s there to lift me up.
He holds me during surgery,
guides the surgeon’s hand,
and fills my cup.
When I am true and faithful,
His angels protect me as I stand.
He’s there to guide my feet and hold me by His everlasting hand.
He hates to see His children idle,
not feeling very well.
He gets me back on my feet,
with a powerful testimony to tell.

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 47 years old and married to Nila, his forever love. He has a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University. 

One thought on “The Great Physician

  1. I really liked this poem. I disagree in some ways, but I completely understand the sentiment of having someone or something safe to rest your life in. I am glad you have been blessed with that experience.


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