Awaken The Day

by Fred Marmorstein

Darkness of night dissipates 
light opens, Christ opens 
the day’s beginnings 
offering our thankfulness for your graces 
opportunities to love wholly 
for the beauty of God’s creation 
Holy Spirit inspire me 
cover me completely with each step 
as the hours unfold 
into your care my mind, heart, and body 
reveal your presence, your will 
in everything I do 
Night’s return 
proclaims the never changing Jesus 
guides me in forgiveness 
His faith floods the Cross 
eternal for all  
hope for tomorrow’s new day 

As an English teacher for over two decades years, Fred Marmorstein has published and written in many genres from blogging in to writing stories on autism. His work has appeared in Christian Poems, The Moonwort Review, Poetry Superhighway, Salt River Review, Friction Magazine, The Writer’s Hood, and Muse Apprentice Guild as well as Skipping Stones, Turtle Trails and Tales, Toasted Cheese, Dog Living, and I Love Cats magazines. He also served as Poetry Editor for “Stories for Children” online magazine.

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