Dancing With God

by Clara Klein

The times of my life have been dances
with God. A full ballet is the story
of my life. I didn’t walk tenderly
onto the stage – I was pushed. Like
a ceremonial jump into the fire
I made my startled appearance.
Childhood was a minuet perfectly
choreographed for me and I knew
what was expected and did my best
to learn and follow the rules, just
happy to be on the dance floor.
Growing into adulthood, my free spirit
required a freestyle dance –
doing what I felt deep in my soul -
the times of adventure in my life;
not caring if anyone was watching.
When I am confident and energized
with enthusiasm for life, the samba
takes over. With bouncing action
God goes to and I go fro. Sometimes
we bump each other’s heads. I
shake it off and carry on.
There are moments I must tap dance –
make noise and beat it down. Determined
in purpose, I’ve got something to say
and God lets me say it
in my own creative way.
Later a waltz takes us round the dance floor
and is most fulfilling of all. It is flowing
and extravagant, in moments of love
and abundance. With up and down
rhythm and an occasional turn,
God holds me tightly in the frame
of His arms and leads me forward.
If God’s work needs me to get it done,
it’s into the quickstep we go.
He tells me that opportunity is nigh
and I must answer His call.
Using frenetic fancy footwork,
it’s almost like running as we
hurry to get it done.
In the downtrodden phases of life
it’s been merengue that’s pulled me through.
Slowly my God and I go, progressing
rhythmically – step together step –
trudging through the muck on the floor
and dragging me along.
Swingtime came along when
I met and married my partner.
Many years we push and pull
with and against each other; ready
to wing it if the other falters
or changes beat as God plays the tune.
Often the Father and I reach back
to my roots for the mazurka –
somewhat choppy amidst turmoil
when the future remains unseen. With a
hop, skip, slide He is always ready
to catch me if I should slip.
The encore at life’s end is my own
interpretive worship dance –
thanking God for all the steps
I’ve learned and made up along the way.
With a noble bow for an exit,
I anxiously wait for Heaven
to applaud.

Clara Klein has been a freelance writer for over 30 years, authoring articles, curriculums, stories, poetry, and prayers. With a career in natural resources, her pieces have covered the gamut of natural history She is currently spending her retirement concentrating on Christian writing, gleaning wisdom from her life’s adventures. 

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