Let Me Tell You About Jesus

by Linda Troxell

If you want me to tell you about Jesus,
We have to start at the foot of the cross.
That’s where He gave His life for the world
So our connection to God wasn’t lost.
But it isn’t a miracle until you believe it.
Because it all takes place in your heart.
As soon as God knows you’re ready 
He will reach down and set you apart.

I can’t convince you I had no plan to follow Him,
Nor, make you understand it wasn’t my choice.
I can’t rationalize how he drew me in,
Nor that He called me but I heard no voice.
I can’t describe my peace in His presence,
Explain the difference He’s made in my heart.
I can’t express my desire to be obedient,
Nor why I was all in from the start.

I can never define the goodness of God,
Nor can I properly praise His name.
I can’t explain all that He offers me,
But I know I’ll never be alone again.
I can’t convey how safe I feel in His sight,
Nor the faith that I have in His love.
I can’t express my desire to please Him,
Nor my joy when He calls me enough.

When God plants your feet on this path,
You’re never prepared for the journey.
Feeling caught between heaven and earth,
You’ll begin the struggle of feeling unworthy.
But you aren’t in charge of your worthiness
It’s all part of the promise He offers.
We only need to believe in the Son
To live in the love of the Father.

Linda Troxell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who lives in a small town in Southern California where she writes devotionals and poetry to post on her personal blog. For over twenty years, she worked to help men and women struggling with substance abuse and adolescent boys in group homes struggling with family difficulties. She is now retired and spends most of her time doing what she loves best, writing about the Lord, and spending time with her grandchildren.

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