Beyond the Mud

by Martin Mburu

He was covered in mud. 
He looked like he had been wrestling in the mud. 
He was not done yet: he was ready to tangle in mud. 
On closer look, he lived and thrived in mud. 
His smile was muddy. 
His words came out coated in mud. 
I was certain there was more mud in the mind. 
While wondering what to do with the walking mud, 
That still voice told me to see beyond the mud. 
Beyond the mud, I would find a treasure. 
Since birth, he had known nothing else but mud. 
But if I focused on the treasure, taught him how to see the treasure, and encouraged others to see it, the mud would clear.

Martin Peter Mburu Waweru is a born-again Christian who loves writing, storytelling, blogging and talking about Jesus. He lives with his family in Nairobi, Kenya. Martin has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics, a Masters in English and linguistics and a Bachelor’s in education. He has over 15 years’ experience teaching English, linguistics and writing at the university.

He has published several textbooks for use in Kenyan schools. He has self-published two Christian stories: Mama’s Boardroom and The Last Sermon, which are on Amazon. Currently, he writes Christian fiction and coaches and trains Christian creatives.

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