Little Hands

by Debra Ayis

“Baby’s Prayer” (for Jaden Hepburn)

Little one
Welcome to your temporal home
It’s harsh and bright I know
But it will get better with time

As your little eyes see more moons
May life be good to you
May the dredge/pyre be
Far from your shores

May wisdom and honor
Dwell in your bosom 
May contentment and innocence
Grace your heart
And may this sojourn
Give you many memories to treasure

Little fingers clasping mine
Tiny feet finding ground 
May the earth welcoming
Your footsteps keep you grounded
Grounded in truth and humility

May death be far from you
Until you are good and ready to go
May you be surrounded by family and loved ones
All your days on earth. 

Debra Ayis has been published in over 100 anthologies, magazines, journals, and devotionals in several countries and has been awarded for her work. She has read in venues such as The Players NYC, the Annual New York Poetry Festival (2018-2019), Queens Library-Forest Hills, and many other festivals and venues. She was published in “Life at a Crossroads”, the City University of New York (CUNY) Killens Review of Arts & Letters – Fall/Winter 2019; Heart of Flesh Literary Journal – Winter 2019, and the Hopkinsville Community College’s 54th Edition of the Round Table Literary Journal in 2020. 

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