Above to Heaven

by Sierra Lind

The warm, creative words
heals my soul of long burden.

I taste the rich moist of Heavenly air
moving above me.

The soft, comforting white tiles
that soothe my aching feet.

To stand before His golden throne
and face His righteous judgment.

To look down in shame
as my life was not the best.

For Him to lift my chin
and see that I do believe

in Him with all my heart,
even after death. 

To be filled with such warmth
as I hear the spiraling gates open.

To see my family waiting 
as I dash with new feet;

to finally be in Heaven’s light
and to know I am home.

Sierra Lind’s works have appeared in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing Issue 5.1, In Parentheses website (new modernism), and Cathexis Northwest Press Our Poetica issue. You often can find her daydreaming about what she might write next, discovering a new recipe to cook, or escaping to the solitude of the country to visit family and friends. She currently lives with her husband in Charlotte, NC, and finds inspiration from the small everyday things in life.

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