by Garrett Mostowski

It is as real as a state of mind, existing 
and not existing at the same time; it’s
as palpable as last night’s dream 

this morning.  

It’s what you understand you want to do
as you realize what you have done
isn't what you want to do at all, 

it’s what you hate. 

It's literally without place—yes—
But it’s not without spirit, it isn't lacking little rootlets—
Look! nouns and verbs submerged in what amounts 

to conscience. 

It’s what grants feet the grounds for chasing after wind, 
hurls blueprints against the screen behind our closed eyes 
and leads us from ‘in the beginning’ all the way to 

an end. 

Garrett Mostowski’s work has appeared in or is forthcoming from the Galway Review, Clerestory, Geez, Macrina, the Princeton Theological Review, and others. He is a second year doctoral candidate in theology and creative writing at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He’s co-pastor of Fort Street Presbyterian Church in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

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