The Path

by Mike Turner

We can wander in the wilderness
Or follow The Path
“I am the Way”

We can be misled by lies
Or informed by The Truth
“I am the Truth”

We can stumble in darkness
Or be illuminated by The Light
“I am the Light”

We can be without shelter
Or be welcomed to our Eternal Home
“I go to prepare a place for you”

Narrow be the Path
Small the Gate
Not because they are difficult to travel
But because their requirement is so simple:
“Come, follow Me”

Mike Turner is a songwriter and poet living on the U.S. Gulf Coast. He was named Male Gospel Entertainer of the Year by both the Alabama Music Association (2016) and North America Country Music Associations International (2017). His debut poetry collection, “Visions and Memories,” is available on Amazon. 

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