by Linda Atkinson

Breathe in Martha. Breathe out Mary. 
Breathe in Mary. Breathe out Curiosity.
Breathe in Curiosity. Breathe out Creation.  
Breathe in Creation. Breathe out Hope. 
Breathe in Hope. Breathe out Dreams. 
Breathe in Dreams. Breathe out Belief.
Breathe in Belief. Breathe out Trust. 
Breathe in Trust. Breathe out Love. 
Breathe in Love. Breathe out Enough. 
Breathe in Enough. Breathe out Abundance 
Breathe in Abundance. Breathe out Choice. 
Breathe in Choice. Breathe out Calling. 
Breathe in Calling. Breathe out Community. 
Breathe in Community. Breathe out Martha. 

Breathe. Just breathe.

Linda Atkinson is retired from a lifetime as a career as a civil servant and lives with her husband in her native Nova Scotia. She is using her retirement to — among many things — revisit an early love, exploring the power of words.

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