The End is Near

by Jason Kirk Bartley

When you picture the end times,
sometimes you see crazy people
carrying signs that read: "The End is Near",
But now it’s so close and the days are so drear.
There’s no urgency here.
There’re people plunging into the depths of hell.
Good people, bad people, only time will tell.
No one has to go there.
We need to choose.
Our soul is very important,
too important to lose.
Tell everyone they can be set free.
Jesus came so let us depart from sin,
Bear His cross and join Him then.
Lead them to Christ and give them a chance.
Tell them the truth far in advance.
Dispel the devil and all of His lies.
We must never compromise.
Hold up that sign high in the air.
The end is near.
The end is near.
Either follow our Savior who makes us worthy and leads the way,
or the devil will take you any old day.
Not making a decision makes it clear.
Do not spend life living in fear. 
Trust Jesus to take your life, 
transform it, keep it from harm.
Hold your sign high,
sound the alarm.
Display it in your outstretched arms.
The end is near.
Warn others of the times.
Point them to Calvary,
and to the cross.
If they make the wrong decision,
they will be lost.
The end is near.

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 47 years old and married to Nila, his forever love. He has a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University. 

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