by Pat Severin

The storms of life, they take their toll,
Can make you feel untethered.
Where are the answers that you need?
Aren’t storms just to be weathered?

Sometimes you can and other times
It’s just too much to bear!
What do you do at times like that?
Where are the answers, where?

You feel so lost, misunderstood,
Forgotten and alone.
Are things as desperate as they seem
Or are they overblown?

Now, what, what do you do right now?
There is no end in sight.
You feel your life is flying by,
You’re in eternal night.

We all have times when we feel lost
That leave us wondering why.
We cannot find the light we seek;
We look to heaven and sigh.

I’m here to say that where you look,
It may be the solution.
For Heaven is the place He dwells
And God dispels confusion.

So go to Him and plead your case.
He’ll lend His comfort, aid.
For God has sent His Son for you.
Your debt has all been paid.

Just come to Him and He will give
The answers that you need.
Your doubts will cease, He’ll give you peace,
At last, you will succeed...

In understanding what He brings
To those who come in prayer.
You’ll find true peace of mind with Him
And find He’s always there.

Pat Severin is a retired Christian school teacher who has served her Lord in many ways. These include school, church and teen ministry and her current personal ministry, creating cards that include her original poems of encouragement. These she sends out weekly to those going through difficult medical issues. She contributes regularly to her online blog, Poetically Speaking, which she began in 2008, and has self-published a number of poetry collections.

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