Abide In My Word

by Akintoye Akinsola

I sense sacred blazes in the shape of a crown on my head
For abiding in His word makes me safe
Like incense, I see my prayers and offering going up to God
Beatific as one being beatified
Fortress of mirth comes with its comfort for me
For abundant is my love for God

I am the Samson with anointed power
I am the Abel, whose offering was accepted
The woods kneel to observe their devotions
This all shows how mighty my God is
Longevity circles around my body in delight
For abiding in his word—for his words are ‘Abide in my words’

Akintoye Akinsola is an Accountant and Poet from Nigeria whose work is interesting, intriguing, thought-provoking, and compelling. He writes on various themes such as love and pain, among others.

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