by Mišel Boltres

The Lord is also this evening
Like thousands before...
Above our heads
Spilled the night ink...
Painted the firmament
And everything went dark...
Time to pray
Silence and silence...
“Who am I and where am I?”
“Where are all my days going?”
“Help me Lord to understand,
How to be a man!”

Mišel Boltres, who writes under the pen name Michell de Boltres, is a Serbian author. Besides writing, he is also a Manager, Honorary Doctor of Literature, and Moderator of cultural and artistic events. He writes classical poetry, haikus, short fiction, and notes and aphorisms. He has published four collections of poetry and two verse picture books for children. Represented in more than 400 collections and 14 anthologies, he is a member of writers’ associations and several literary associations in the country and abroad. Besides, he is among the founders and president of the Art Club “Raskovnik”, Smederevo, Serbia since 2009, and the founder of the international literary event “Despot’s Oath” in Smederevo since 2014.

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