Omnipotent Compassion

by Steve Bell

How hard
it must have been
for the weary Rabbi
to stand outside 
and weep that day.

The sisters of the dead man
stand before Him in
simmering disappointment;
“Why didn’t You come sooner?
Then he would still be alive!”

Then the crowd of mourners
paused to look into His face
His somber, darkened face displays
for all to see
the grief of His humanity
and the compassion of omnipotence.

Moments later, we hear
murmurs announcing
the suspension of grief
the formality of a funeral only,
a cover up 
for the inevitable 
mocking doubt,
as He orders the tomb opened.

Now the only scent the sisters
and the crowd could smell
is the foul odor of untimely death.

“Lazarus, I’m here. Come out!”

Burial cloths unwound and scattered,
the sisters now rush to embrace
their brother who soon 
steps aside to clasp the warm hands
of the Rabbi in thanksgiving.
Suddenly, the air is filled 
with speechless affirmation
the two friends acknowledge
the unbelievable, ending the day with

Steve Bell is a Christian poet who lives in Colorado with his wife Gina.  He writes poetry for both children and adults and works part-time in youth development for the YMCA.

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