Ode to Rooster

by Nicole M Metts

There you go, aiming high,
an hour before the sun begins to rise;
like a sinner pardoned by Jesus Christ.
Let you go, gallus, to take care of the flock.
in equanimity, and in tomb.
Rise the sun; crow in triumph of the dawning!
Cocorico! Cocorico! Cocorico!
There is victory in the light.
Wake the world in the ethereal dew of this morning.
Let us know your calling.
As we ask, how your spirit never misses,
or how you do not question… why.
You acknowledge the signal and reply,
as you echo hope into the skies,
and announce deliverance of this day nigh.

In Christian tradition, the rooster symbolizes a sinner’s acceptance of divine pardon through Jesus Christ. 

Nicole M Metts is currently an MFA student at Chatham University and a grade school teacher. She is the founder of Central Texas Writers Society and the publisher for their annual CTWS and Beyond Anthology. Her poems have appeared in A&M Central’s The Lookout, InSpirity-Art of Peace, Gingerbread House, Di-verse-city and many others. She spends her free moments exploring the natural world with her notebook and Nikon.

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