Lessons in the Looking Glass

by Mark Weinrich

The lens of memory
transports me to a pond’s shallows
to the mesmerizing storybook
in the looking glass. Sand glitters
in the opalescence, pebbles sparkle
like gems. But bearing those jewels 
up into the light is such disappointment,
watching their sheen turn to drab.
They are just ordinary stones.
I turn my hand over and
the rocks pepper the pool.

Then immediately, delight
snatches my attention.
My little storm has stirred
tiny commas to life. It’s tadpoles!

There in that transparent kingdom
wonder has captured me. Now, it is 
swimming in the bottom of my cup.
Miracle after miracle awaits me
in legs growing and vanishing tail.
But oh, the sadness of releasing
three frogs back into their realm.

When does metamorphosis
lose its charm? Why does
change startle with grief?
Have I forgotten the power
of looking in and He who
brings about His best through

Lord, restore my childlike wonder 
and help me rejoice
in the marvelous
moving of Your Spirit.

Mark Weinrich lives a creative life as a writer, photographer, musician, and artist–all wrapped together in an outdoorsman. He is a retired pastor and nine-year cancer survivor. His writing and photography have appeared in over 138 news stand, inspirational, and literary publications. He has sold eight children’s books and currently has two fantasy novels on Kindle.

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