Busy Bees

by Pat Severin

I wonder just what Jesus thinks
When He looks down and sees
Our daily lives, perhaps we look
Like hives of busy bees,
Just moving, flitting here and there,
With no direction planned and think,

“Oh, Father, what’s the point?
I just don’t understand!
What is it, Lord, that makes them so?
You’re there to guard and guide,
And still they wander aimlessly.
It seems they’re ruled by pride
Are so self-centered, not in tune
With what you’ve set before for them.”

“I know that they confound you so,
But, Son, I still adore them.
That’s why I sent you like I did
To die, then live again.
Sometimes they falter, this I know,
But they are merely men.
I offered them salvation, Son,
So I could bring them home.
If they believe you died and rose,
This Heaven is their own.

I understand, now, it’s your love,
They’re human and may stray.
It’s their belief and faith in you
Not works that earns their way.

Pat Severin is a retired Christian school teacher who has served her Lord in many ways. These include school, church and teen ministry and her current personal ministry, creating cards that include her original poems of encouragement. These she sends out weekly to those going through difficult medical issues. She contributes regularly to her online blog, Poetically Speaking, which she began in 2008, and has self-published a number of poetry collections.

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