Show Me

by Hannah Enyawuile

Show me the stairway
            where thither I’ll climb.
Show me the steps
	to which I’m inclined.
Show me the mentees
	whose lives I’ll touch.
Show me the mentors
	under whom I’ll be taught.
Show me the pathway
	in which I’ll walk.
Show me the purpose
	for which I’ll work.
Show me the vision
	with which I’ll run.
Show me the plan
	for which I was born.
Show me the children
	to whom I’ll give birth.
Show me the parents
	under whom I’ll be weaned.
Show me the preachers
	to whom I’ll listen.
Show me the prayers
	to pray that You’ll listen.
Show me the little things
	that I ought to know.
Show me the deep things
	that I could never know.
Show me the life
	that I must comprehend.
Show me the Truth
	that I dare not apprehend.
Lord, show me…

Hannah Enyawuile is a Nigerian lawyer and astute scholar. She is also the Chief Editor at PANN Editorials, a virtual firm for professional book editing. Hannah is a content creator, poet and public speaker as well. She has a passion for writing godly fictional stories. She also loves teaching and travelling.

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