This Is Why We Pray

by Esther Elliott

Feelings are mysterious
They surround us like a wall
And press down on us like the heat
Feelings are visible. 
We see the symptoms, we learn the causes
What about the feelings that are beyond our control? 
They are like ropes tying us down
Sting us like the cold.  
Sometimes we don’t know why we feel this way
Or how.
It just hits us like a gust of wind.
We fall back down when we try to stand up.
It hurts
It’s uncomfortable
This is why we pray. 
We ask God for help
We don’t understand why we feel this way. 
Prayer gives us peace
It gives us hope.
It casts our anxieties away. 
It lifts that weight off our shoulders. 
It snuggles us like a warm blanket.
It provides protection.

Esther Elliott is a history major and amateur student journalist who loves sharing the Gospel and her love of culture through writing. She enjoys traveling and hopes to travel the world someday and spread the Gospel.

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