Every Day

by Omekawum Juliet

Every day, God’s light shines forth for me,
And my pain of darkness is being erased.
Every step I take along the way,
My sovereign King is always there.
Every day, I feel God's love,
All around me.
His mercy and grace smile towards me,
And gives me a reassurance of hope.
Every day, I depend on my Father,
For He is my sustainer.
He showers me with His unending love,
And pumps my heart with peace.
Every day, I can feel him,
And my spirit leaps for joy at the mention of His name.
God showers me with His grace,
At every second and minute.
I will continue to tread in His light with faith.

Omekawum Juliet is a Nigerian poet and writer. She is eighteen-years-old and has been writing poetry and quotes for two years. She is an ardent lover of nature and tourism, and has been published in some online mags and mini journals. Her poems have been published in SYNW, One page spotlight, among others. Her interests are writing, studying, and listening to good music.

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