by Pat Severin

How did the inspiration come
To those who did the writing
Of Holy Scripture that we read?
Was it a bolt of lightening?
And did it fill the room with light
As God’s most Holy Words?
Or come as whispers of His thoughts?
Regardless, God transferred
The words He wanted men to know,
The meaning of it all,
The seven days creation took,
What happened from the Fall,
The promise He fulfilled in our
Messiah, His own Son
Who died for us and rose again.
For God loved everyone.
He laid it out so perfectly
And promised we would be
With Him a last when this life passed,
His wondrous face to see.
And live forever by His side
In Heaven’s awesome glory.
The inspiration came from God,
Our Bible tells the story.

It matters not how God inspired
The words He gave the writers,
But rather that those words were HIS.
They served as God’s transcribers.

Pat Severin is a retired Christian school teacher who has served her Lord in many ways. These include school, church and teen ministry and her current personal ministry, creating cards that include her original poems of encouragement. These she sends out weekly to those going through difficult medical issues. She contributes regularly to her online blog, Poetically Speaking, which she began in 2008, and has self-published a number of poetry collections.

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