To my Father in Heaven

by Ivan S. Fiske Iv

thank you for feeding me with your breath daily
& for always forgiving me of my many sins

thank you for the many successes you’ve decorated my sinful skin with - i’m proud to be called your own

whenever i fall, your love breathes strength into me
& glows my body with prosperity

every day, i smell your presence in my heart
& i know this is why i’m alive - breathing

to my Father in Heaven
till we meet again, let my life be as bright as the star that shined on Jesus’ birthday

& let me accomplish the objectives of my life in this world;
in the heart of your unending mercy - please protect me, Father

thank you & thank you
to my Father in Heaven

Ivan S. Fiske Iv is a young, talented writer from Liberia. His works have been published in several magazines, such as We Write Liberia, Eboquills, League of Poets, Spillwords, and so on. 

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