How Do I Know My Love

by W. Robert Boyd

How do I know my love’s no trend?
It’s the pangs of guilt I feel 
during those moments when we can’t be friend,
and must set my resolve in steel.

I worship every chirrup, every hiccup.
His frequent frenzy of exploration,
where a fall drives him to climb back into stirrup,
that’s when I feel the most adoration.

I puff up in his gifted joy.
Overwhelmed with that special instant,
a smile won without effort from my little boy,
in whom my every move is brilliant.

His throaty laughter bubbling up
to engulf those watching with bouts of glee.
A blessing fills this father’s cup.
I smile, knowing God feels the same about me.

W. Robert Boyd is a disabled vet who has recently rediscovered the Lord. He is excited about the ways God has been affecting his family and himself, his relationships and his ability to write again. He is active in his church and the local Christian Writers Group.

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