by Angela Hoffman

Dear Friends,  
It was so great to hear about your journeys: 
your walk on the ocean shore 
your climb to the mountain top 
your visit to the Arctic, Zanzibar 
your cabin in Dublin, your book release 
how you have made a difference 
saved the world. 
Small brief encounters 
strung together like rosary beads 
make my days now 
my days make my weeks 
my weeks make my life. 
I rise early to a silent house 
hot lemon water, cup of coffee 
oatmeal with walnuts, blueberries 
blanket, cat snuggled next to me 
candle lit. 
I scribble notes in my journal  
spend time with poets 
the likes of Rumi, Oliver, Neidecker 
those isolated and those who dared to show up. 
I delve into the souls of monks, mystics 
into the pages of seed catalogs, the Bible, memoirs 
my share of crap on Facebook, Twitter. 
I practice yoga while the geraniums in my window box 
behind the lace curtains make my morning pink 
the sun lighting the wood floors. 
I whisper my intention for the day 
Todays: I choose joy and grateful living 
being open to opportunities in each moment.  
If God has prepared a room for me 
It might be something like this.  

Angela Hoffman lives in Wisconsin. Her poetry has appeared in Solitary Plover, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Museletter and calendar, and Your Daily Poem.com.She committed to writing a poem a day during the first two years of the pandemic. Angela’s interests in spirituality and personal growth inspire her poetry. 

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