Backyard Faith

by Angela Hoffman

The outward, visible sign of an inward, invisible grace 
can never be limited to three, four, or seven 
Every encounter, holy 
Be reverent of the owl keeping vigil on night’s watch 
listening with a still heart 
the wren signing lauds at the break dawn 
praising the coming of light 
the bees working in the prime of the day 
serving deliberately with courage 
the blessed wind offering a terce breath 
giving rise to possibility 
the sun at its high hour of illumination  
committing to truth 
the shadows lengthening in wisdom 
surrendering to impermanence 
the fireflies at twilight lighting lamps for vespers 
celebrating the meeting of earth and heaven 
the crickets offering prayer under the full circle of the moon 
giving thanks for the day 

Angela Hoffman lives in Wisconsin. Her poetry has appeared in Solitary Plover, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Museletter and calendar, and Your Daily committed to writing a poem a day during the first two years of the pandemic. Angela’s interests in spirituality and personal growth inspire her poetry. 

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