Riding the Wave

by Yvona Fast

Be very still and listen
to the flow of the river
as it runs from God’s throne
into the busy streets of the city.
Noisy silence clashes, clangs.
Traffic noise fills the city in my brain.
But deep within,
amidst the clamor,
a still, quiet voice speaks.
Be attentive.
Flow with the water of life.
As you walk with God
lift your foot off the ground
and place it down again.
Walk back into the traffic,
that busy daily grind
with God’s peace in each step.
Place your hand in His.  
Allow the water to carry you.
Ride the wave.

“In the spirit, he carried me away to a great, high mountain and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God.” – Revelation 21:10

Bright as crystal, the river of the water of life flows from God’s throne down the city streets through the city Revelation 22:1

Yvona Fast’s poems have appeared in many disparate literary journals and anthologies in the last dozen years. Yvona immigrated to the US when she was 9. When not writing or cooking, she can be found outdoors in all seasons. Yvona’s three poetry chapbooks can be found at http://www.yvonafast.com/poetry.html.

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