No More Suffering

by Paul Mayes Jamar

Revelations 21:4

Many ask why people suffer in pain so,
And die cruelly, where is God they want to know?

God did not desire this for His creation,
it is sin since Adam and Eve, and Satan’s manipulation.

Revelations twenty-one, and verse four clearly shows,
God’s plan for us all in the future ends these woes.

Those children with shaved heads crying in pain,
will be comforted forever, and in Heaven remain.

Cancer and all illnesses shall be passed away,
those former things will be gone forever to stay.

No more suffering, sorrow, and even death,
Jesus has defeated them all with His strength.

So, if you're hurting, just realize it is temporary,
it will pass along with our dreaded adversary.

Paul Mayes Jamar was born in Brownwood, Texas in March 1955. He spent most of his life in Texas, just within the last twenty years he moved to Missouri. He graduated from Angelo State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Mr. Jamar was a third generation radio broadcaster owning several stations in the Austin, Texas area. He has written four books of Christian poetry. He hopes to get published soon. He has been published in Highland Park Poetry’s website with his poem, “Bluebonnet Sonnet,” and “Sunrise,” and in their book on Shoes, with His poem, “Shoe Holes.” Also, soon to be in Central Texas Writers Society’s Anthology on Nature with his poem, “The Big Red Ant.” He has also published over twenty poems with Agape Review. Mr. Jamar lives with his wife Cynthia Jamar, and has three children living elsewhere.

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