No-one and Someone

by Madeleine F White

The day I am no-one
You make me someone
The day I have nothing
You give me All
But then I forget the lifeline you've thrown me,
So somewhere and sometimes I often fall.

The days I have no-one
You remind me that someone
Along with somewhere always lets me belong,
But then I forget the place where we started
Quite side-tracked by a different song.

For example;
Today I was someone, albeit briefly -
Caught up in a moment which escaped through the night.
From being feted and greeted
To photos to partings
The main feeling remembered, the rest taking flight.

And the something I felt?
Mainly fear.
Which lingers and hungers for all I hold dear.

If, on a daily basis, I remember You are everything
And I am nothing
And know, that the path I tread
Is where You want me to go
Then fear becomes freedom
And loss turns to love
And the hole in my soul becomes whole.

Madeleine F White was born in Germany, with roots in Canada and the UK. A magazine publisher and editor, she has produced national and international web and print magazines, creating a voice for those without one, such as the successful Nina-Iraq, a project she worked on with the World Bank to reach out to Iraqi women everywhere. Since 2019, she has been founder/editor of Write On! magazine and Write on Extra e-zine and Write On! podcast, published by Pen to Print, an Arts Council NPO organisation.

Her novel Mother of Floods is available online and in bookshops in the UK, US and Canada and through Amazon and other online retailers. Sisters Of Storms, a companion novel, is due for release in 2024.

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