by Amirah David

What would happen if we knew we were not, in fact, 

I know, bear with me now.

Know that I believe you are insurmountably dear,
Your worth is full and can be free of fear,
But the need to be enough feeds fear because it is impossibly opaque, 
and in someone’s eyes, we might fail. 

What if this was the best news we could hear
because it would mean our ever striving for something that we’ll never come near 
could cease, 
and we could feel the relief 
of validation that we weren’t meant to be enough alone,
because if we were, we wouldn’t find the greatest love there is,
we’d be on our own, floating in this universe, 

We were made to be in love,
a part of 
a bigger family and home,
cleaved to,
abiding in God alone -
in Christ, 
the only enough and more,
the most abundant prize,
removing all wants of the heart and eyes.
Freed to be content.
The great sigh.

Free me from trying so hard to prove I’m enough to be loved.
I’m so tired.
Let me collapse into the love for which nothing is required,
except acceptance of my dire need,
and gratitude for the gift that has inspired
love of enemies,
death for friends,
giving that breaks greed
and opens hearts to be rewired,
and free.

What if His love is the enough we seek
and always will be?
And we - we are God’s inheritance,
His own family,
you and me, the treasure He seeks!
Now, that is perfect worth from a source - complete.

And identity as “enough,”

when held up to “beloved,” 
cannot compete.

Amirah David is a mental health therapist and mother of two young children living in Ashland, OR. Three years ago, her life began again when she found Christ through her search for meaning and hope in the suffering she witnesses on a daily basis. Having always written poetry, she was unsettled to find her creative juice dried up, and she found herself drinking from God’s firehose of wisdom and information for years before He gave her poetry back — but this time, for His kingdom. These are poems from a larger collection of poetry with an apologetic focus — aimed at showing the stark difference between what the world has to offer and what Jesus has to offer.

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