Earth’s Glorious and Supreme

by Stephanie Daich

Beautiful world opens before the eye.
Lush foliage and trees, and stunning blue sky.
From the rich soil,
Plants come alive and rise.
Earth’s power from God above.
Peace in the form of a dove.
Life blooms and does grow.
The clouds send rain and snow.
Climates are humid and dry.
Magnificent water flows in the stream.
Dark sky illuminated by stars and moonbeams.
From the mountain peak high
To the earth’s seam.
Earth’s creations splendor.
Life fragile and tender.
The earth regenerating.
Its axis rotating.
Earth’s glorious and supreme.

What transpires when Stephanie Daich observes life? She creates stories. What happens when you read her stories? Your imagination comes to life. Stephanie Daich works in corrections and writes for the human experience. Examples of magazines and books you will find her work in are Making Connections, Youth Imaginations, and Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul: Kindness Matters.

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