Do Not Judge, Christian

by Stephanie Daich

Morning and evening 
unbaptized hear the Christians cry: 
“Come cleanse your soul today, 
Christianity you must try: 
Love and goodness, 
Charity and giving, 
Saving, helping, 
You’ll find it all here.” 
Unbaptized enter the doors 
With much anxiety. 
“You aren’t dressed right, 
You look kind of scary: 
Wear the clothes I have on, 
you sing off key. 
You smell, don’t sit by me.” 
The unbaptized return to the street, 
Their eager bread to share. 
They smile, they give. 
They do not judge. 
The unbaptized already found God. 

What transpires when Stephanie Daich observes life? She creates stories. What happens when you read her stories? Your imagination comes to life. Stephanie Daich works in corrections and writes for the human experience. Examples of magazines and books you will find her work in are Making Connections, Youth Imaginations, and Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul: Kindness Matters.

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