sataN fell like lightning

by Vern Fein

You capitalize
the last letter of your name,
mock God’s first letter.

Lying, did you slink?
Dirt and dust for you forever.
Slither at cried: “Shame!”

Afraid in any way?
Wait in the weeds to delight
in depth of Fall?

Arrogance your name.
Hubris more than Oedipus.
Milton: “Bend the Knee.”

You tormented Job.
His trial equals mankind’s.
Failure will be yours.

Savaging at will,
an evil lion on Earth.
But your teeth shattered.

No sympathy here.
Snakes worse than spiders.
Calling you out satan.

Vern Fein has publish over 200 poems on over 80 sites, a number of them being Christian-themed.

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