Death Be Proud

by Vern Fein

Death be proud!
Be very proud!

There is no one like you.
No one opposes you.
You are uninvited to every
Single human endeavor.
You are never welcome,
Always there. No one
Ignores you. No king rules over you,
The king of every being.
On stage whenever you choose,
There is no script, no proper time.
With so many disguises,
The master of a billion faces,
Who can stand up to you?
Who will not lie before you?
You have all of history.

One makes you tremble.
Only One defeated you.
You know Him well.
The day will come
When you see Him.
He will humble you, de-claw you
Rip the laurels off your head.
O, proud Death, will you beg
For the mercy you gave no one?
It is not in your nature.

He told you
He would return. You chose  
To ignore Him.
Then He will be there,
Knock at your door,
A vial of life in
His Right hand;
His finger pointing
Toward the gaping Abyss.
Your pride will drain
Like the color
Of the pale shrouds
You wrought.

I want to be there
Watching your demise,
Watch you crumble in fear,
Weeping, gnashing teeth,
Hands limp as they carry you out.

Death be proud now
Now is all you possess!

Vern Fein has publish over 200 poems on over 80 sites, a number of them being Christian-themed.

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