After The Funeral

by Dacious Kasoka

our tongues unfold 
to the sky; to a father who 
is in heaven, to take whatever comes 
through, bread crumbs or rooibos tea in 
chalice cups.
In the distance birds loiter on old Toyota 
brown beaks, serenades rolling off their 
dry tongues. They sing of you, you who 
took a path to the river to learn the origin 
of water.

Dacious Kasoka, alias “Loner Pen,” was born on the 19th of August 2000. He writes from his room in Lusaka. He is a community leader at Arthut, A global [Afro-Centric] community of creatives. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Kwame Nkrumah University in Kabwe, Zambia. When he is not writing, he is listening to reggae and country music songs. His works have been published and are forthcoming in Writers’ Space Africa Magazine, World Voices magazine, Agape Review, Arts Lounge magazine, Spillwords Press & elsewhere.

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