The Widow in the Temple

by Gail White

When a rich donor pours a sack of coins
into the offering box, the money rings
so loud that each awestruck bystander joins
a chorus praising God. The temple sings
the donor’s praise on incense-laden air:
O what a righteous person this must be
to give so much, to have so much to spare!
Nobody notices the widow. She.
is inconspicuous, but wants to give.
What does she have? Two lepta. Not worth much,
but all she has, her only means to live.
And God’s so close she almost feels His touch.

Her two small coins just make two little plinks.
Nobody’s watching her. Or so she thinks.

Gail White is a formalist poet living in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. In spite of everything, she persists in writing sonnets. She has recent work in AbleMuse, Autumn Sky, New Verse News, and Better Than Starbucks.

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