A Joyful Noise

by Lawrence Hopperton

Valentin never plays piano. 
It’s just a vehicle  
he hears through fingers 
the church echoes.
He teaches us to sing 
like Russian opera:
‘shout artistically 
open throat and support
focus through forehead’
in broken English
directs with an eyebrow
a nose dip, nod the head
We get it.
We are instruments.
He brought me to sing 
like Christ’ last words alone 
or an angel choir in gregorian
brings the congregation 
to unison, then stilled
silence erupting praise.

Lawrence Hopperton lives in Stouffville Ontario. His chapbook, Ptolley Bay, was published by Lyrical Myrical Press in 2013, and his first full collection, Table for Three, was published by En Route Books and Media in 2021. His next collection, Such Common Stories, will appear in late 2022.

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