Love Is…

by Terence Freeman

Love is... the real power behind it all!
The guiding light and supreme sacred law.
Love is the glue that binds us together,
an unseen force and spiritual tether.

Love is man's purpose and earthbound duty; 
what we behold in all things of beauty.
Love is what we seek in that diamond ring,
what inspires our hearts and souls to sing.

Love is the seed whose fruit is man's being.
The beginning and end of all meaning.
Love is the realization we strive for
compelling us from deep within our core.

Love nourishes us as food for the soul
so, we may mature and realize the goal.
Love delivers us from every strife
the promise made by the eternal life.

Love invokes within us courage and might
providing what we need to conquer night.
Love is the spirit that shines as the sun
in whom man's battle can at last be won!

Love is what we feel in that warm embrace,
what we witness as kind service and grace.
Love inspires our kindly devotions,
standing above mere mortal emotions.

Love is the answer to our deepest pains;
what releases us from the shadow's chains.
Love is the key to the fabled kingdom
whose home is the bestower of freedom.

Love is our guide, who takes us by the hand
slowly, we learn and come to understand.
Love is Life. It sways our self-expression.
Life is our teacher and Love its lesson...

Terence Freeman is new to poetry but a long-time seeker of the Spirit. His poems are a reflection of the fruits of his endeavors toward that aim. Poetry has quickly become a passion of his, filling him with joy and purpose. He wishes to share what God has with him thus far now and into the future.

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