Dominion One Opinion None

by Rich Azar

Enter the physician,
A bearer of bad news,
Cancer had me by the throat,
My life I would soon lose.

I chuckled at his prognosis,
The doctor was not amused,
I pleaded faith-borne reflex,
Which he graciously excused.

Proton-beams and chemical cocktails,
Reportedly could be fused,
To extend my stay by months not years,
The options captured my muse.

Warned against the slightest delay,
I was nothing if not relaxed,
Because doctors have opinions,
But God has the facts.

Days of fervent prayer followed,
I asked the Lord what to do,
He directed me to the red print,
To guide me through and through.

Faith alone was not yet sufficient,
This much my heart construed,
To travel that path toward healing,
All doubt must first be subdued.

I bought time with radiation,
But chemo I would not pursue,
Half a chance at another season,
Offended my point of view.

Trust means you never panic,
Demons watch how we react,
They delight in doctors’ opinions,
Not knowing God has the facts.

My faith grew as the mustard seed,
I commanded that mountain to move,
And even as I laid gravely ill,
I believed I would soon improve.
Refined in the furnace of affliction,
Where impurities are removed,
Like dross drawn from the silver,
The prognosis was disproved.

Jesus has first claim on me,
I strive to repay what is due,
By His stripes I’m fine today,
My friend is tried and true.

There’s much more to the story,
One day I shall unpack,
But for now, you have my conclusion:
God will forever have the facts.

Rich Azar humbly traces his Christian roots to the inception of the faith, with ancestors hailing from a small village outside Damascus. The retired newspaper reporter and editor, best known for muckraking exploits throughout southern Indiana, now lives in St. Louis with his 16-year-old Boston Terrier extraordinarrier, Habib.

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