Maundy Thursday

by Lawrence Hopperton

Can you read Psalm 22 tonight?
The tenor has covid, no time
to prepare, just read it over there
when they strip the altar.

Now rehearse the hymns, anthems
our shaky parish quartet sings
up the aisle to the podium.
Drop the page. Adjust the mike

test and begin. It’s a psalm 
a poem and the spirit on me
speaks this Gethsemane
redemption on the web.

Lawrence Hopperton lives in Stouffville Ontario. His first chapbook, Songs of Orkney and Other Poems was published by SWOP press in 1983, and his second chapbook, Ptolley Bay, published by Lyrical Myrical Press 2013.  His first full collection, Table for Three, was published by En Route Books and Media in 2021, and his next collection, Such Common Stories will appear in late 2022 from En Route Books.

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